7 Advantages of Database System:

There are 7 advantages of database system:

Physical Implementation
Support Complex data Relationship
Provides Better Data Security
Improved Data Consistency
Database Backup / Recovery
Advanced Capabilities
Improved data Sharing

advantages of database system

Physical Implementation:

The physical Implementation of data is separated from application programs. DBMS lies between the application program and the database. The property allows users to make changes in the database without changing application programs.

Support Complex data Relationship:

Complex data structures and database design is sometimes required to store and access data according to requirement. This complexity enhances the ability to store and retrieve data as per requirement.

Provides Better Data Security:

Access rights like (read, write, update, and delete) can be implemented on my data item in the database.

Example: A program or user can be restricted to change the data of a particular field. A user or program can be granted to view, update, and even delete a particular data item in a database.

Improved Data Consistency:

By reducing data redundancy, the data inconsistency is reduced. In a database management system, each data item is stored, as far as possible, in one place only.

Database Backup / Recovery:

To restore a computer to an operational state following a disaster. To restore files after they have been accidentally deleted corrupted. Recovery is a process of rebuilding the required data by using a backup copy.

Advanced Capabilities:

Advanced capabilities of DBMS include online and ad-hoc reporting. It has the ability to create complex data structures for security purposes. It also provides backup/recovery capabilities which are primary requirements of a DBMS.

Improved data Sharing:

The database is designed as a shared resource. Authorized users are allowed to use the database. Thus, many users can access and work on the same data at the same time.

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