What is SadaPay? How to get SadaPay Virtual Debit Card.

SadaPay is a safe and smart online (money) Virtual Debit Card management platform that is created to ease the domestic and international payment processes in Pakistan. It’s a digital wallet that allows you to open the account from the app and get the physical card without any registration fees.

SadaPay is a platform for Pakistani’s how can purchase and do shopping online Internationally. It is a Virtual Debit Card.

SadaPay doesn’t have any costly physical branches like a traditional bank, which lets us pass those savings onto our customers. 

  • Free Mastercard debit card
  • No annual fees or minimum deposit
  • Free, instant transfers to any bank or wallet in Pakistan (under Rs. 10k)
  • Free cash withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan (3x per month)

How to get and make account on SadaPay? By clicking the link below:

https://invite.sadapay.pk/c1OyCTwn7eb and use reward code 1F9F8.

You can also visit SadaPay website or download application from play store and app store.


You can also become SadaPay Founder’s Club.

Internationally use:

You’ll be able to use the card on all international websites/platforms that accept Mastercard. The network includes more than 30 million merchants around the world.

SadaPay will launch soon. The State Bank of Pakistan has finally granted SadaPay approval to officially begin pilot operations.

SadaPay launches the region’s first numberless debit card:

It is a first numberless debit card in this region.


You can also check FAQ of SadaPay for further details click on the link given below:

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